Brown, yellow and blue..

It's getting colder and colder.  I was hoping for a few warm days before the fall will gone forever, but it seems like it won't be better. As far as I can remeber the fall lasted a while, but this year is different. I feel the morning and evening cold, even wearing a cardi under my coats or jackets. But I don't want to change them for winter clothes. I think the time for them will come soon, and I will get bored with them very quick.
Above this text,  you can see how I looked yesterday at work. This outfit was quite warm and I felt very comfortable.

Today I was in the "Factory" outlet for some shoes at Deichmann. Well, like always I was gone to buy one thing and came back with another pair. Here is what I bought. Some Kazar boots. These are really comfortable and look great with jeans. I love them :)

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  1. You look great in colour. I love the yellow shirt and those new boots.

    The purple from your last post and that green jacket are also so wonderful. You should keep wearing colour over winter and brighten everyone's dull day!


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