Winter is closer with every day...

Well, the days I could only wear a cardi to work are already gone. Now it's time to put an extra layer on the cardi - a jacket or coat. As I have show You in my last posts I've got and leather jacket (okay okay, eco-leather :p) but it's even to cold for this. Above ,You can see one of my latest internet pow. A light green coat,  that I love. It look so differently as the grey/black/brown coats from other people. I think that's a shame that it's almost impossible to buy clothes in plus size in Poland. The stuff from H&M (Big is Beatiful) is ugly. All the things are in dark colors and reminds more potato sacks then clothes. Some nice things can be found in C&A (but only Clockhouse XL, the rest is boring) or Tesco... Thanks God we have Allegro (Polish version of eBay) and the possibillity of finding something nice for me. I don't have time to dig in second hand shops. Maybe twice a month... I think, the second hand shops are for unemployed people who have the whole day to go from one shop to another.
Below is one of my outifts, I wore when it was a little warmer.


  1. taki fiolet i zieleń bardzo ci pasują :)

  2. I think you look fabulous!

    I totally agree with what you said about boring colours of coats on Polish streets, you are more visible :) Wearing myself black/brown coats/jackets, going to buy red one, time will show if I find nice one.

  3. Dwa pierwsze zdjęcia przepiękne! Fryzura bardzo fajna przede wszystkim, ale także kolorystyka i fason bluzki oraz płaszczyka. Wiem, że to wszystko stare posty i pewnie dawno tych ciuchów nie masz, ale tak sobie myślę, że jak ci powiem w czym mi się podobasz, to być może zechcesz spróbować coś podobnego odtworzyć:)


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