Almost halloween...

Just like in the topic. Almost halloween. I saw all the preparings for halloween parties on blogs of people from the USA or UK. It's sad that that kind of holidays aren't celebrated here in Poland. Exactly at this day everyone reminds to have a relative, lying on the cementary. In huge groups people run to the graves, light a candle on it and... that's it. Yep, that's great. I think that the death should be in our memorial every day, not only at this day. I prefere the abroad way of the celebration. Parties with costumes are so much better then freezing on cementaries.
I bought a pumpkin a few days ago. Two days ago Luke made an Jack O'Lantern from it. I think he has done a quite good job. Hasn't he?


  1. Very nice jackolantern!!

    We don't celebrate Halloween in Australia either, but you know what, next year I think I might get a pumpkin lantern for my balcony at least!!!

  2. Bardzo ładny Jack O`Lantern.
    Przyjemny zestaw a szal prezentuje się bardzo interesująco.


  3. hej!!!
    what a lovely lantern!!!
    great outfit !!!

  4. fajny strój :)
    nowy nagłówek jest ciekawy :D


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