My "hello" after a long break.

I haven't been writing in quite a while, but I was sick. It was for almost two weeks. Such things happen when You've got the wrong doctor. I guess it started with a cold, but my doctor said, that nothing is wrong and I can go to work etc. It'd got worse and worse and at the end I've got problems with my reins and had to call an ambulanse. Well, but now I'm okay and my message to You is: If You feel really bad don't let Your doctor to make You believe that nothing is wrong. I'm in a shock what is happening with the Polish health care system... It is so difficult to get sick days.. Even when You have a fever .
Now everything is okay, I am going to work for three days and feel almost cured :)

P.S. Oh, and I bought a car :)


  1. Uwielbiam wszelkie torebki imitujace sławny 2.55 chanel

  2. na pocieszenie mogę dodać że angielska służba zdrowia jest jeszcze gorsza ;) pozdrawiam i zdrówka życzę.


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