Almost friday :)

Yesterday after work I went with Luke (my fiance) for a coffee. We sit almost at the marketplace and were staring at other peole who were passing by. I must admit that I was astonish greatly looking at the street fashion. Okay, I know that the shops has already fall season outfits but... hello!?!? We have still summer and it was above 20 degrees Celsius... A lot of ladies were wearing thick tights (okay there are very in this season... but when it's cold),  high boots, coats and scarfs. I don't get it. I bought myself some autumn stuff too, but I don't need to show everyone my latest shopping... It will be enough time to wear all this things which are mostly created to keep your body warm. It looked very funny when two ladies walked together, one of them wore tights and high boots and the other one flip flops...

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