Thanks God Its Friday!

I've been waiting for this day for four days. And now it's happening! Friday evening. No, I'm doing nothing special, I was just tired after this so boring stuff I did at work. This week I hardly was programming, I had to do some code analysis to help our new analyst. I'm afraid that it's not over yet and I will be analyseing code till monday or tuesday. Never mind. I think that my woman-boss is freaking out again. She doesn't behave like a normal person. Please, don't write my comments like : "don't write such things, she will read it". I don't care. Maybe it's time someone tells her how unnormal she is ;).
I found an genius website: You can dress doll on Your computer. I think it's an great oppurtunity to play with clothes :) I don't have such cool stuff (because of the poverty of polish shops) and now I can play putting then together. Oh yeah. Below You can see my first trials ;)

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