Weekend at my parents

Well, this weekend I was at my parent's place. It was so nice to see the places where I lived so long and grew up. I made some shots. My mom is having birthday tomorrow, so I decided to make her a dream come true. Me and dad put some money together and I bought her the most beautiful persian kitten in the world. Dad was a bit unsure about having a pet at home, but when he saw my mom crying of luck when she saw her little gift, he calmed down. Now Frania (thats the name of the little one) got used to my parents house and I am back in Wroclaw. But, damn, I felt in love with this big dark eyes and I miss that little kitten quite much. I love animals. But I am happy because mom is comming to visit me on Friday and she is taking Frania with her. And the next Friday I am going to visit my family because of my grandfather's birthday (he's over 70). Oh Frania, I miss You!!!! :) My grandparents made a small garden party for me and Luke (my fiance). Oh, and we have the date for our weedding party. It at the 23th of July 2010. We were looking for a church but didn't find anything interesting yet.
Here are some pictures from the last view days:

Me and this gorgeous little kitten:

What I wore today to work:

This romantic garden party. I spent a great time. We grilled some good food and talked with my grandmother, grandfather and dad.

And now some pictures of my home town Jastrzebie Zdroj:

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