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Fioletowy klon :)

Czerwoną sukienkę już znacie. Dobrze się w niej czułam i wyglądała też nieźle, co potwierdziły liczne komentarze na jej temat. Chciałam sobie kupić ją jeszcze w innym kolorze, ale przeceny na nie się już skończyły. Jakiś czas temu byłam w Krefeldzie (muszę poświęcić na to wreszcie osobny post) i udało mi się znowu trafić na ich promocje. Wybrałam fioletową jako, że pasuje mi do wielu innych ubrań i dodatków. Jak np. do tych butów :)

Das rote Kleid kennt ihr schon. Ich habe mich wohl im ihn gefühlt und es hat auch nicht schlecht ausgesehen (wenn man die Kommentare betrachtet). Ich wollte mir noch eins in einer anderen Farbe kaufen, doch leider waren die Reduzierungen für die Kleider schon wieder vorbei. Eine Weile her war ich in Krefeld (ich muss dem einen getrennten Pos widmen) und habe die Kleider wieder im Angebot gefunden. Ich habe mir das violetfarbene ausgewählt weil es mir zu vielen anderen Kleidern und Accessorien passt.

Seter / Pulli - H&M
Sukienka / Kleid - C&A
Legginsy / Leggings - KiK
Buty / Schuhe - Deichmann
Torebka / Tasche - Wehemeyer
Naszyjnik / Halskette - House
Zegarek / Uhr - Casio

Winter is closer with every day...

Well, the days I could only wear a cardi to work are already gone. Now it's time to put an extra layer on the cardi - a jacket or coat. As I have show You in my last posts I've got and leather jacket (okay okay, eco-leather :p) but it's even to cold for this. Above ,You can see one of my latest internet pow. A light green coat,  that I love. It look so differently as the grey/black/brown coats from other people. I think that's a shame that it's almost impossible to buy clothes in plus size in Poland. The stuff from H&M (Big is Beatiful) is ugly. All the things are in dark colors and reminds more potato sacks then clothes. Some nice things can be found in C&A (but only Clockhouse XL, the rest is boring) or Tesco... Thanks God we have Allegro (Polish version of eBay) and the possibillity of finding something nice for me. I don't have time to dig in second hand shops. Maybe twice a month... I think, the second hand shops are for unemployed people who have the whole day to go from one shop to another.
Below is one of my outifts, I wore when it was a little warmer.

Almost friday :)

Yesterday after work I went with Luke (my fiance) for a coffee. We sit almost at the marketplace and were staring at other peole who were passing by. I must admit that I was astonish greatly looking at the street fashion. Okay, I know that the shops has already fall season outfits but... hello!?!? We have still summer and it was above 20 degrees Celsius... A lot of ladies were wearing thick tights (okay there are very in this season... but when it's cold),  high boots, coats and scarfs. I don't get it. I bought myself some autumn stuff too, but I don't need to show everyone my latest shopping... It will be enough time to wear all this things which are mostly created to keep your body warm. It looked very funny when two ladies walked together, one of them wore tights and high boots and the other one flip flops...

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