Saturday morning

Yep, at last we have weekend. Hurray :) I thought it will never come. This week wasn't to easy at work, and after work I tried to do as much things as I could do. I still can't get the fact that my work (which I honestly hate with all my heart) takes almost a entire day. I'm back home about 6 p.m. and I'm so tired that I have to take an 1 hour nap... Well then it's already dark and soon I have to go to bed, otherwise I will be tired next day. And today is Saturday :) I slept till 9:30 am, woke up with a wonderful humour and the whole day was mine :) We went to the bazaar for some shopping. And after that we wanted to look what is "House M.D." about. It was so nice, that we spent the whole afternoon watching it. But that's great. Doing nothing after a hard week is so great :)

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