The day before.

It's late. Instead of sitting at the window and making my make up, I'm writting this blog. Earlier I was doing everything to be faster at office, because I wanted to go out earlier. Now it doesn't matter. I even like working when everyone is gone and I'm alone. But to say the truth, I don't like my job. I have been working for my company for almost 3 years and I'm beeing treated financial worser than a person who is with us for 3 months. I am sure that this person doesn't know anything about what we are doing. So she is sitting and only learning. And earns a lot more money. I'm not jelous. I like her and I'm happy for her. I just feel to be treated unfair from my boss. That makes me feel uncomfortable at my office. I can't put so much heart in what I do just like in the past. I know it's time to search a new job. But I don't want to do the same as here. I want to learn something more and gain new experiences :)

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  1. I feel your pain. I've mentioned on my blog over the past few weeks how I want to leave my workplace.


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